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Kojokona - Egyptian Sidewalk

Kojokona is a band from Oslo, Norway, established during the summer of 2019. With members from Norway, Denmark, Chile and Sudan, they are well represented on the world map. Genre-wise, the band plays a unique mix of african inspired rock, funk, jazz and afrobeat.
They take beats from all the corners of the world, and make it their own.
The name Kojokona means "reverent greetings” in a tribal language from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan.

The single 'Egyptian Sidewalk' shows us the band's great potential with it's nice and spacious groove, lush sound, tight comp, and exotic horn section.
Influenced by psychedelic music and also the egyptian folk tunes, the track starts off with a thrilling horn riff and invites us onto a journey through the land of the pyramids and tall sidewalks: Egypt.
The other more quiet parts float gently and beautifully by like the river Nile, and build it up again and again to the main riff - accompanied by trumpet, baritone and tenor sax - before climaxing in outworldly saxophone improvisations.

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