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Sugar Spin - Just A Show
(feat. Camilla Luna)

Sugar Spin is a modern funk duo out of Norway consisting of producers Christopher Langedahl and Mikal Lillo-Stenberg. Having grown up together in the suburbs of Oslo, they ventured different musical paths into hip hop and rock respectively. However, in recent years they have come together through their mutual love of 80’s dance music.

Following up their debut single 'Crush on Magic', Sugar Spin is back with more music. The single 'Just A Show' contains the tracks 'Just A Show' and 'Never Mind Love'. 

With the radio friendly 'Just A Show', featuring Camilla Luna on vocals (Cymasonic/Bogota Records/Shimmy Records), it points back to the lush and pop oriented boogie sounds of the 1980s.
A short and gentle rhodes intro sets the mood before the beat comes in and then the track floats smoothly, accompanied by Camilla Luna's lovely vocal performance. 

The second and even more low key 'Never Mind Love' is a more percussive driven track, grooving slowly through the night. And that calm groove continues the experience of the quiet nostalgia one can suddenly feel when walking or driving your car at night, contemplating about life itself while surrounded by the city lights.
It's sung by Mikal Lillo-Stenberg, who is one half of the producer duo.

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